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The Adopt-a-Species program has a different outreach theme each year. This theme provides direction for the participating teachers and encourages the students to focus on different aspects of living with wildlife.

The theme for the 2009-2010 school year incorporated the Indian Education for All program. The outreach request was for students to illustrate their species in its habitat, and to show one aspect of how American Indians used that species.

As we started compiling resources for teachers to use, we asked one of our good friends if he would be able to assist with this year’s theme. To our great delight, Kenny Spint said yes. Kenny, a Crow Tribal Member, researched the names of some of the species in our program in his native language. In January, he sat down with Mike Jetty, Indian Education for All coordinator at the Office of Public Instruction, and recorded the names of 13 species: lynx, otter, beaver, bald eagle, black-footed ferret, wolf, moose, bison, mountain goat, big horn sheep, grizzly bear, black bear, and mountain lion.

To hear Kenny saying the names, first in English then in Crow, please click on the animal names below. A separate window will open with a photograph of the animal. Below the photo is a link to the mp3 file if you wish to save it to your computer. Clicking on the English name of the species will take you to the on-line Montana Field Guide.

Introduction by Mike Jetty, Office of Public Instruction
Bald eagle
Black-footed ferret
Bighorn sheep
Black bear
Grizzly bear
Mountain goat
Mountain lion

All the words featured in this language lesson are individual perspectives and, as such, they are not meant to be reflective of their tribal nation or educational association.

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